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Meridian Energy and Parkwind Collaborate to Harness New Zealand's Offshore Wind Potential

In a momentous move to amplify the growth of renewable energy in New Zealand, Meridian Energy, a predominant wind farm developer in the country, and Parkwind, a European offshore wind leader, have inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU). This agreement aspires to explore the vast potential of offshore wind energy generation in the pristine waters around Aotearoa, with a primary spotlight on the Taranaki coast.

Photo source: Meridian Energy Website

This collaboration notably accentuates the commitment of both companies to sustainable energy. Building on Parkwind's prior engagements, including essential dialogues with the iwi of Taranaki and other pivotal stakeholders, the partnership aims to pave the way for greener and more sustainable energy solutions for New Zealand.

While the current MOU is primarily an exploration, based on the insights and data accumulated, there's potential for both entities to progress towards securing a feasibility permit. Demonstrating their commitment, both Meridian and Parkwind exhibit a keen interest in enduring investments and forging lasting bonds, aligned with a business model emphasising 'build, own, and operate'.

Meridian Energy's CEO, Neal Barclay, expressed his enthusiasm regarding this partnership, noting, "Offshore wind is gaining momentum internationally with evolving economics. As New Zealand's pioneering wind farm developer, we reckon it's the perfect moment to delve into how this can further enrich our diverse energy portfolio. Teaming up with Parkwind is a strategic move in this direction."

Equally fervent, Parkwind co-CEOs, François Van Leeuw and Eric Antoons, conveyed, "We're stoked to see Meridian and Parkwind synergising. This partnership amalgamates Meridian's profound local energy expertise and our established experience in offshore wind. With our combined visions, we're uniquely positioned to tap into New Zealand's rich offshore wind reserves."

It's notable that Parkwind and its parent company, Jera, are not novices in this sector. They proudly boast a legacy of developing, financing, building, and operating offshore wind farms, with seven farms sprawled across the coasts of Belgium, Germany, the UK, and Taiwan. Moreover, they're pioneering one of Japan's first offshore wind farms at Ishikari Bay. Meridian, on the other hand, offers invaluable insight into the New Zealand electricity market, including onshore wind farm know-how, project development, operations, and an avenue for offtake.

Recent business movements have seen Parkwind being acquired by Jera, a global titan in power generation, which seamlessly manages an end-to-end supply chain, encompassing upstream fuel, procurement, project development, and power generation.

With this powerful amalgamation of Meridian and Parkwind, backed by the colossal strength of Jera, the future of offshore wind energy in New Zealand seems not just promising but inevitable.

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