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Case Study: How We Saved Domino's Pizza 15% on their Power Bills

The Challenge

Dominos Pizza is a brand recognized worldwide for its quick service and delectable offerings. However, behind the scenes, operational efficiency is vital to ensuring that their services run smoothly. One of the biggest overheads for most branches is the power bill. These costs can fluctuate, sometimes inexplicably, leading to higher expenses and affecting profit margins.

With 8 branches operating in high-traffic zones, Dominos was facing inconsistencies in their power bills. This not only created a budgeting dilemma but also required additional time to address and resolve the discrepancies.

The Solution

Enter Manage My Bills, a company dedicated to streamlining bill management and ensuring that businesses only pay what they rightfully owe.

Upon assessing the power bills of these eight branches, Manage My Bills identified several inconsistencies and errors. After a thorough analysis, our team devised a plan tailored to each branch's specific needs, taking into account their operational hours, peak business times, and equipment usage.

The Results

Within just a few billing cycles, Dominos Pizza witnessed a substantial change:

  • Cost Savings: With the errors and discrepancies corrected, each branch saved an average of 15% off their power bills.

  • Customized Solutions: Apart from rectifying billing errors, Manage My Bills provided each branch with tailored solutions to prevent future discrepancies. This included advice on energy-saving practices during non-peak hours and suggestions for equipment upgrades for long-term savings.

  • Peace of Mind: With Manage My Bills actively overseeing their billing process, the Dominos branches could focus more on serving their customers rather than getting tangled in administrative hassles.

Client Testimonial

"Would definitely vouch for you guys as there is one less thing to worry about. It’s great to see my invoices are being double-checked and queried where it needs to be." - Branch Manager, Dominos Pizza


By partnering with Manage My Bills, Dominos Pizza not only achieved substantial savings but also gained a trusted ally in ensuring their operations remained efficient and hassle-free. Whether it's a single branch or an entire franchise, Manage My Bills remains committed to offering tailored solutions for all bill management needs.

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