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And now it's your turn to save on

your power bills!

We Work with all Major Energy Retailers in NZ


How Does it Work?

Through a strong negotiation process, Manage My Bills is able to get a better deal for your home utilities. You can rely on us to save you at least 5-20% on your bills.


Meaning if you spend $1k on power each month, you could be saving $2.4k each year!

Why Choose

Manage My Bills?

Peace of mind

We provide an end to end energy Solution for you. Starting from saving you on your cost, to monthly bill management and annual reviews to ensure you are always on the best deal!


Locally operated

We are 100% Kiwi owned and operated.

We're on your side

We understand that your business can’t run without energy. There are always 100 different things on your mind, so we ensure that electricity & gas will be the last thing you have to worry about.

Our mission for your business

  • Lower costs

  • Less admin time

  • More information

  • Controlled consumption

  • Seamless integration

Big Savings are Only 4 Easy Steps Away!

Step 1

Fill out the short survey below and upload any power/gas bills you have.

Step 2

We'll then take a look at your current bill, and then work hard to find you the best deal possible.

Step 3

Once we've found the best deal, we'll send you a proposal via email and also allow you to book a time with one of our advisors.

Step 4

We'll take you through the proposal step by step, then once you're happy with everything, we'll work with you to claim your savings.

Aman Singh - Domino's Franchise Owner

"Would definitely vouch for you guys as there is one less thing to worry about. It’s great to see my invoices are being double checked and queried where it needs to be."
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