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    Benefits of using Manage My Bills

    ·  You can obtain immediate savings on your energy accounts.  We run a comprehensive procurement process on your behalf to maximize your savings

    ·  You will have access to skilled analysts that can not only provide you with comprehensive advice around your usage; they will also make all the changes for you.

    ·  Your account is audited monthly ensuring the bill you pay is correct.

    ·  Your account can be fixed for a contract period avoiding future price rises.

    ·  No more trying to compare offers from various energy providers, as an independent energy managers we approach you with the best rates in your area proactively.

    ·  Free Annual price review.  We will check for any better offer for your usage on annual basis.

    ·  You have expert advice at your fingertips about how your future business decisions will affect your energy bills. For example, you can ask us about any likely increase in costs if you're planning on expanding your business, changing location or need more services.


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